SignAble Celebrates International Week of Deaf People 2022

Deaf in India

Established by the World Federation of the Deaf, we celebrate the International Week of Deaf People in the month of September, annually. The theme for 2022 was ‘Building Inclusive Communities for All’ and each day focused on one important aspect in the lives of deaf people. 

At SignAble, we celebrated the International Week of Deaf People by showcasing experts and community members who are strong advocates for the deaf in India. Our contributors shared with our followers their work and personal experiences as well as their vision for an inclusive future. Revisit these conversations with our experts and their views on creating an inclusive society. 

Day 1, Sign Languages in Education: Teacher Hari Prashad Gupta joins us from his classroom and shares his wish for deaf people. 

Day 2, Sustainable Economic Opportunities for Deaf People: Shivansh Kanwar is the co-founder of Echoes, a chain of cafes in India that are managed by deaf staff. He models the steps a business can take to make a workplace deaf-friendly, and highlights his deaf team members’ hardworking abilities to prove themselves. 

Day 3, Health for All: How is going to a doctor different for the deaf? Dr. Mohan Roy discusses the challenges that deaf people face when navigating a health system designed for the hearing, and what the medical community can do to improve their experience. 

Day 4, Safeguarding Deaf People in Times of Crisis: Cross-Disability Inclusion and Accessibility Consultant Smitha Sadasivan tells us what is needed to make communication and information accessible in emergency situations like the pandemic.

Day 5, Sign Language Unite Us!: Tarun Sarwal was in conversation with Madan Vasishta and Arun C Rao on the value of Indian Sign Language in increasing inclusion and providing access to opportunities to the deaf. 

Day 6: Intersectional Deaf Communities: Arun C Rao shares his insights on deaf culture in India and the various routes through which deaf identity is constructed. 

Day 7: Deaf Leadership for Tomorrow: Anuj Jain of the National Association of the Deaf shares his vision for deaf leadership and the difference we can make for future generations by changing our institutions today. 

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