Deaf Can Work: A Webinar on Deaf Empowerment

Deaf Can Work

What is it like being a deaf woman who wants to make her mark on the world? Advocates Sarah Sunny and Saudamini Pethe were in discussion with Tarun Sarwal, CEO, SignAble, on the topic of deaf empowerment. Each of them is a trailblazer in her own right, breaking stereotypes about women and deaf empowerment along the way. Their personal and professional journeys provide inspiration for differently abled people who want to work and be independent.

Sarah Sunny shared her desire of wanting to help deaf people from a young age, and how it guided her to choose her career path. Today, she practices in court and aims to include trained legal interpreters in the Indian judicial system. 

Saudamini Pethe was born hearing and lost her hearing at the age of nine after an illness. Despite having an active career and family life, she felt she was missing a sense of personal identity. An encounter with a seventy-two year old deaf woman gave her a new sense of purpose, and led her down the path of becoming a lawyer and an advocate.

Both advocates gave us valuable glimpses into their day-to-day professional lives – clients they have supported in their quest of justice and the search for legal interpretation to create a more inclusive legal system in the country. 

Watch the full video to hear their heartwarming advice for young deaf people, especially women.

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