ISL Advanced Level Course

Enable your employees to communicate with the deaf / SHI colleagues to promote genuine inclusion in your workplace. The course provided by SignAble Communications / ASLI (Association of Sign Language interpreters) is an introductory course that will enable complete novices in Sign Language to have basic conversations with deaf ISL users. Work related vocabulary important to workplace conversations can also be added as required.

Duration: 30 hours

Class Size: Not more than 20 for optimum results, suggested group is 12 persons. 

sign language interpretation skills


Online: 2-hour sessions including 10-minute break. The course will be 15 sessions, one per day during the working week, or customized timings

Offline: 5-hour sessions, over 6 days. Location and projector to be provided by client.

Timings: These may be customised as per request and availability
How to book course:
Links: Will be issued to the client upon booking. This will be a zoom call.
For further customisation or details, please contact us.

ISL Training (Coming Soon)

sign language interpretation skills

To build an extensive network of interpreters across India, SignAble Communications will be starting an ISL interpretation course designed and conducted by Association Of Sign Language Interpreters. The objective of the course is to train people, who are already using Indian Sign Language to communicate with deaf people, to improve their interpretation skills and help them get jobs as interpreters.

This course will be ideal for anyone with

  • Good ability to use sign language
  • Experience in ISL
  • Graduate or Diploma
  • Access to a computer or mobile phone with strong Wi-Fi (To be able to participate in the course)

Candidates who complete the 30-day course with over 75% marks in remote interpretation exercises as well as show a good understanding of deaf culture, ethics and professionalism will be offered jobs at SignAble Communications.

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