Accessibility Webinar

SignAble Accessibility Webinar

Let’s discuss accessibility for deaf people in workplaces. 

What is the current scenario? Does it need improvement? What needs to be changed? What more can be done?

Join us as our expert speakers discuss these vital questions concerning the #inclusion of deaf persons. We are joined by Dr Renuka Rameshan (President, ASLI), Ms Rama Chari (Founder, DEOC), Tarun Sarwal (CEO, SignAble Communications), Priti Soni (Founder, Deaf Can Foundation) and this discussion will be moderated by Arun C Rao (Founder, ASLI).

About our speakers:

Dr Renuka Rameshan has over two decades of working experience with deaf persons. She holds two Masters degrees in Linguistics and Social Work, as well as a PhD in deaf education. 

Ms Rama Chari has more than two decades of work experience in the field of disability, inclusion, and equality. She has specialised in the area of disability policy and has undertaken several studies on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its application in various aspects. 

Tarun Sarwal leads SignAble, a platform providing remote sign language interpreters to the deaf community. The SignAble app aims to help deaf people overcome isolation and communication barriers. 

Priti Soni is the founder of the dynamic organisation called Deaf Can Foundation. She has received over 30 awards for public service in her career and is a leading personality representing the deaf community of India. 

Arun C Rao is a Disability Rights activist, social entrepreneur, sign language interpreter and trainer, and Workforce Diversity Consultant.

You can watch this webinar LIVE on our Facebook page (Follow: SignAble2019) on Dec 7, 2022, at 4 PM. To participate in this webinar, please register at 

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